For some of you the word "grammar" sounds like "pain" or "boredom". But it CAN be simple if you learn constantly. You should learn from class 5 to class 10. Regularly! And of course: You have to revise the things you learned in previous schoolyears.

Moreover: Analyse your tests. If you reached less than 50% of the maximum credit, make sure that you know which kind of mistakes there are in your test. In general there are 3 basic errors that can be found in tests:

  1. CARELESS MISTAKES: These are mistakes that you made because you didn't concentrate enough. Possible solution: Take your time, underline signal words in sentences, copy every single letter (when a word is given) in order to spell it correctly and doublecheck your text (if there's time in the end)
  2. BLACKOUT: These mistakes happen when you are too nervous in a test and unsure about whether you will be successful in the end or not. Possible solution: Take a deep breath before starting and write down the rules or words you could forget on your testpaper immediately after the start. Then start with easy tasks and concentrate on the things you like in tests (e.g. vocabulary or questions on the text).
  3. BREACHING GRAMMAR RULES: By "breaching grammar rules" I mean that pupils show that they are not aware of using English language properly. For example: "Have he did his homework?"* Possible solution: In these cases you should revise old AND new grammar. We have lots of links provided to do so. Of course your grammar and exercise book helps you, too.

But most importantly: Ask your teacher what your problem is. Teachers are there to HELP you, believe it or not ;)