Languages need words like flowers the sun. It's a fact, no matter what.

So you should enlarge your vocabulary. But how? Well, there are some tips for doing so. First of all you must learn the words from your book of course. However, if you really want to improve your word power, you should do more than that. You should use new words to make them more meaningful for you. Maybe you form sentences about yourself and use the new words. It must be personal and it must be true. This makes it more interesting. And you should do this again and again. Well, but which words are important? Of course words that are used in everyday life. And this is how you find them:

  • Read books or magazines about things that you like (e.g. Cars, soccer, sports, farms, fashion etc.)
  • Listen consciously to the English songs you like (and afterwards find the lyrics on the internet; just type in "lyrics" and you will find them for every song needed; then find out about new words)
  • Watch movies that you like (When you already know the story, it is not a major problem not to understand every word, so enjoy it!)